The Vineyards

Our vineyards are located on the banks of the River Sil, on granitic, slaty soils. Due to their position on a steep, south/south-west facing slope, they enjoy an excellent microclimate for wine production. The vines are cultivated by hand on the terraces of the precipitous slopes.

Both the harvest and the production are rigourously artisanal, unfailingly faithful to the concept of Heroic Viticulture.

More than three hectares of our own vines are grown along the craggy terraces so characteristic of the Ribeira Sacra.

Our wines are produced using grapes from vines which are more than 50 years’ old.

The vines nestle along terraces reclining in the shelter of the river, under the guardianship of ancient, native woodlands.

We are committed to the regional varieties, in particular Mencía and Godello.

Our prime goal is to achieve the best quality of stock to obtain the most expressive wine.

The precipitous slopes prevent any mechanisation other than a simple system of rails to transport the grapes.

The result is a heroic labour of love containing all of the toil, passion and soul needed to create exceptional wines with their own personality.